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Maggie Sparke: Critically acclaimed Clairaudient

'Scarily accurate' H2b Journal


All Payments are pro forma I will contact you within 48 hours.


By using direct bank transfer you can save a little money..

Fee can be paid via direct bank transfer (please contact me for details) or via the relevant PayPal button .

all fees are inclusive of your audio upload

MP3 format.

Consultations are available for clients resident in UK, Ireland. Western Europe Australia. NZ. US. Canada.

All you require is a secure email address.

along with a Dropbox or We transfer app on your computer or mobile phone. 

Option 1 Audio file £47.00

A 60 minute comprehensive reading with specific projections for present life situations.

Personal, health and business.

Option 2 Audio file £65.00

This option offers both channeled work and a 2 year astrological projection covering all areas.

Client receives 1 x audio files and printed chart work via email approx 80 /90 mins.

Option 3 Audio file 30.00 ( 3 specific questions)

Simply forward your 3 areas of focus when contacting me..and i will do the rest.

A journey into your soul's purpose and your astrological profile?

Is your closest relationship truly a match made in heaven?

Would you like to explore your prior life soul journey?.

Why is it that some souls are unable to fully commit to each other ?

Why break ups, early loss and abandonments?

Could it be that this is all part of the karmic contract you both made?

An amazingly helpful guide when prior life doubts and fears manifest in the present reality. Evoking fears and blocks to yours or another's personal evolution .

Minimum 60 mins Skype consultation along with condensed printed report. £50.00