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Full moon in Scorpio

Posted on 5 May, 2020 at 9:45 Comments comments (551)

Full moon in Scorpio 7th May 2020

           "Can you see anything?"............ "Yes, wonderful things!"

After two decades of excavation Howard Carter broke through into the tomb of Tutankhamun and released the stagnant air of centuries ,what he found there were treasures beyond his wildest dreams...
Scorpio is the archaeologist, the psychologist and the alchemist of the twelve astrological signs.I term Scorpio as the `Soul medic`
In my last blog `Saturn the Lord of Karma`.. I spoke about Scorpio energy from a more scientific perspective...alchemic transmutation ..presenting as virus... and yes...Scorpio is the geneticist and does represent the `molecular` in medical astrology, our DNA , our ancestral lineage our prior incarnations and both our physical and psychological pathology. In the everyday world Scorpio is , death, debt taxes...all our resources, all very relevant right now.

When Scorpio energy is used positively we are able to dive deep... we release our fear of being destroyed ..we can heal the unhealthy in our life..we confront all that has been denied and repressed , we purge, we transmute, we retrieve  and we process .....and it is there in the depths  that we uncover Scorpios healing magic... and realign with the true self and the soul mission.

 Its scary as hell to detach from attachment ..We want security and stability...and unquestionably we, all of us have been feeling this Plutonian  Scorpionic  energy in our lives for a good while.....but all things change..that's`Universal law` nothing stays the same.

 With all full moons there is  `illumination` and `culmination` and we see in fullness, the areas of life where we need to break free from old habitual behaviours come clean... with both ourselves...and with others... to let go...of limiting relationships, soul destroying careers, addictions to food, to alcohol, drugs, to let go of worn out fact anything that we have allowed to strip us of our divine time to step up...and reclaim that part of us that needs healing...

Scorpio is the bottom line...Scorpio asks us to `end things`... maybe for you  its a need  to downsize and simplify life in some way, re-evaluate the true meaning of `wealth `.
 Scorpio energy enables us to  become our own alchemist and transform .....the water to into wine ....

Scorpio draws a line under these worn out dynamics, it closes the book on the old and the ancient ...and rebirths , transmutes..and gets us back in sync with our soul contract. Even more so as we navigate the last of the eclipses this year.....six in total,  the last being December 2020.

I've also reposted my blog  ..the power of an eclipse from last year.

 Let's look a little closer at the astrological details of the 8th house Scorpio. The 8th house is `the house of the soul` has both a higher and lower octave within its makeup...... The soul is an androgynous holds both yin and yang energies and its important to honour both the divine feminine and the divine masculine within..... this is the true essence of 8th house Scorpio energy.

 In ancient astrology the 8th house Scorpio was ruled by Mars the Roman God of war/Aires the Greek ..both cultures representing our warrior strength and our instinctive animal desires. Mars is Yang energy.. a masculine energy, moving  out from our centre... Mars represents the `maleness` in either sex.  He represents assertive action. Mars desires instant gratification and he does rule both the first house and the lower octave of the 8th house.

Mars or Aires energy ..reflects our instinctive need to `mate`...and thereby  maintain survival of the species. This is hard wired into the animal.  Mars......the hunter gatherer, the wilful, the assertive ..physical and mental strength...  Mars is acquisition and supply....... the big house,  the big car, the top job, the woman, the man....that's Mars it's not Pluto!

So now...let's look at Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio... When the dwarf planet Pluto was discovered in February of 1930...Pluto (Roman god of the underworld ) claimed  modern ruler ship over the 8th house...  its worth mentioning that Pluto...Hades in Greek mythology... translates to  the `unseen` 

Scorpio is water, she is feminine,  private and secretive, she is Yin...And all  yin energy moves into our centre allowing  for deep penetrating thought, Scorpio plumbs the depths  of the subconscious...and  if we can hold our breath for long enough this marine archaeologist  can clear and heal limiting fears and reconnect us with our personal truth....our souls` desire ...

We only fear that which we already know.....from lifetimes gone...we should be mindful of that fact...We need to use that Mars warrior energy.. feel the fear .. confront and conquer. This full moon energy will helps us draw a line under destructive dynamics and close the book on the old and the ancient ...and allow for new growth and rebirth a new beginning and get back in sync with our soul contracts.
So ...look up at the sky... bathe in her brilliance and transform and heal the broken !

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Be safe!  Stay calm! and Stay awake!

Peace and Love to you all!