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Eclipses should never be underestimated

Posted on 5 May, 2020 at 9:59 Comments comments (214)

 Eclipse season is well and truly upon us...... the force of eclipse energy should never be underestimated!

Anything can happen in the next half hour` is my favorite phrase right now and it has been so for quite a while. Eclipses can be pretty bumpy if you lack a deeper understanding of their role within our Cosmic consciousness.  By observing  which houses and signs they hit in transit will determine where these energies play out more strongly ..   .. The eclipse season is here for a good while longer... for some this transition  may take up to two years to work through....So what doesn't resonate now certainly will do by next Spring and beyond.Currently they are being felt more strongly for clients with the natal Cancer Capricorn  nodal polarity ....  they will of course affect every one of us in some way,  whatever needs adjustment will be adjusted as we move through these cosmic events. These eclipses will bring things to a head.....they can often create dramatic and unexpected endings...but  there is  a satisfying flip side to them... they offer us  amazing new beginnings and startling new chapters in this reality....and again...that reality will differ for each of us. The Capricorn South node deals with our careers our social position, our responsibilities. They may determine a career change...If you own your own business for instance you may need to release certain elements of its functioning  to really feel the benefit, maybe remarketing in some new way...... if you work within  a larger PLC you may find it announces its restructuring of management....departmental or system changes , possible relocation,  shock promotion  for some.. redundancy for others.... The North node in Cancer will focus on our closest family, our emotional security, our homes and our extended tribes. Thoughts about house moves are being considered again..your kids may decide to emigrate or leave the nest..some may move closer.  Balancing family needs with career responsibilities..and the financial implications of that balancing.....What do we need to do to release the tension? Speaking and walking  your truth is key.Added to the mix is the current Mars in Cancer transit ..also with us for a good while can be a steamy and emotional time...Just trying to keep everyone happy can be hard to do whilst Mars sits in the watery pools of  empathic  Cancer. Make sure you love yourself right back! Escape with Neptune if you some music  take a walk in the woods, sit beachside..just breathe...... try to get some `me` time where you are able. Surrender through Neptune ... trust the universe to place you  exactly where you are meant to be... Try not to kick and scream as those feelings of insecurity build and the old reality base dissolves ... it won't's happening anyway. The cosmos is really asking us to release all that no longer serves us, whether we release the old voluntarily or not...Source will  give us a little kick.So...If you are willing to co-create and accept these shifts,  make a new game plan that's great...but many will hang onto the life raft despite the sight of the gathering storm .....A fine balancing act is required...let really will find land!! If you are really feeling this eclipse energy and you'd like to know where and how these will aid and support you get in touch. I'm offering  added insight into the areas of life taking the full force of this phenomenon. 
Peace & Love

Full moon in Scorpio

Posted on 5 May, 2020 at 9:45 Comments comments (551)

Full moon in Scorpio 7th May 2020

           "Can you see anything?"............ "Yes, wonderful things!"

After two decades of excavation Howard Carter broke through into the tomb of Tutankhamun and released the stagnant air of centuries ,what he found there were treasures beyond his wildest dreams...
Scorpio is the archaeologist, the psychologist and the alchemist of the twelve astrological signs.I term Scorpio as the `Soul medic`
In my last blog `Saturn the Lord of Karma`.. I spoke about Scorpio energy from a more scientific perspective...alchemic transmutation ..presenting as virus... and yes...Scorpio is the geneticist and does represent the `molecular` in medical astrology, our DNA , our ancestral lineage our prior incarnations and both our physical and psychological pathology. In the everyday world Scorpio is , death, debt taxes...all our resources, all very relevant right now.

When Scorpio energy is used positively we are able to dive deep... we release our fear of being destroyed ..we can heal the unhealthy in our life..we confront all that has been denied and repressed , we purge, we transmute, we retrieve  and we process .....and it is there in the depths  that we uncover Scorpios healing magic... and realign with the true self and the soul mission.

 Its scary as hell to detach from attachment ..We want security and stability...and unquestionably we, all of us have been feeling this Plutonian  Scorpionic  energy in our lives for a good while.....but all things change..that's`Universal law` nothing stays the same.

 With all full moons there is  `illumination` and `culmination` and we see in fullness, the areas of life where we need to break free from old habitual behaviours come clean... with both ourselves...and with others... to let go...of limiting relationships, soul destroying careers, addictions to food, to alcohol, drugs, to let go of worn out fact anything that we have allowed to strip us of our divine time to step up...and reclaim that part of us that needs healing...

Scorpio is the bottom line...Scorpio asks us to `end things`... maybe for you  its a need  to downsize and simplify life in some way, re-evaluate the true meaning of `wealth `.
 Scorpio energy enables us to  become our own alchemist and transform .....the water to into wine ....

Scorpio draws a line under these worn out dynamics, it closes the book on the old and the ancient ...and rebirths , transmutes..and gets us back in sync with our soul contract. Even more so as we navigate the last of the eclipses this year.....six in total,  the last being December 2020.

I've also reposted my blog  ..the power of an eclipse from last year.

 Let's look a little closer at the astrological details of the 8th house Scorpio. The 8th house is `the house of the soul` has both a higher and lower octave within its makeup...... The soul is an androgynous holds both yin and yang energies and its important to honour both the divine feminine and the divine masculine within..... this is the true essence of 8th house Scorpio energy.

 In ancient astrology the 8th house Scorpio was ruled by Mars the Roman God of war/Aires the Greek ..both cultures representing our warrior strength and our instinctive animal desires. Mars is Yang energy.. a masculine energy, moving  out from our centre... Mars represents the `maleness` in either sex.  He represents assertive action. Mars desires instant gratification and he does rule both the first house and the lower octave of the 8th house.

Mars or Aires energy ..reflects our instinctive need to `mate`...and thereby  maintain survival of the species. This is hard wired into the animal.  Mars......the hunter gatherer, the wilful, the assertive ..physical and mental strength...  Mars is acquisition and supply....... the big house,  the big car, the top job, the woman, the man....that's Mars it's not Pluto!

So now...let's look at Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio... When the dwarf planet Pluto was discovered in February of 1930...Pluto (Roman god of the underworld ) claimed  modern ruler ship over the 8th house...  its worth mentioning that Pluto...Hades in Greek mythology... translates to  the `unseen` 

Scorpio is water, she is feminine,  private and secretive, she is Yin...And all  yin energy moves into our centre allowing  for deep penetrating thought, Scorpio plumbs the depths  of the subconscious...and  if we can hold our breath for long enough this marine archaeologist  can clear and heal limiting fears and reconnect us with our personal truth....our souls` desire ...

We only fear that which we already know.....from lifetimes gone...we should be mindful of that fact...We need to use that Mars warrior energy.. feel the fear .. confront and conquer. This full moon energy will helps us draw a line under destructive dynamics and close the book on the old and the ancient ...and allow for new growth and rebirth a new beginning and get back in sync with our soul contracts.
So ...look up at the sky... bathe in her brilliance and transform and heal the broken !

I am available for personal channelled consultations  via video link and audio file...fully recorded and mailed to your inbox. I use several platforms Whatsapp, Messenger Instagram and Skype. 
Just message me.or e
All details are on the services page.

Be safe!  Stay calm! and Stay awake!

Peace and Love to you all!


Saturn...The Lord of Karma?

Posted on 19 April, 2020 at 19:46 Comments comments (5)
 Saturn ....The Lord of Karma?

Your pain is but the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
                                                                     Kahlil  Gibran                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
 As I sit down with my notebook today and begin to pen these words, I am mindful of a dear friend who has recently lost her Mother to Covid 19 along with another twelve souls in a care home in Yorkshire.
I am especially mindful of how fortunate I am to be afforded the luxury of sitting here in my garden in the Spanish sunshine. I am truly grateful for all I have in my life at this time..I have no real monetary wealth yet my life has a richness beyond the coin.
This is a time of profound reflection where all of us, are being given an opportunity to come together as a planetary tribe and examine what needs to be changed, restructured and transformed  here on Earth... and in our own personal realities. How do we honour both Gaia and the divine within self?

I've had so many folks contact me asking me if this virus is Karmic.. is this a balancing of the `cosmic`  book? A form of payback for man's`abuse of our planet? Is it now we pay the ferryman?

Whether Gaia is the bio engineer here or whether it was some crazed act of bio terrorism it doesnt really matter anymore!... It is here.... and what matters now, is how our global leaders our governments and how we  collectively and individually deal with it......
From a purely astrological perspective, we have not seen these planetary alignments for over 500 years think about that ...

Saturn is not the only player in the mix here...yet I wanted to focus on Saturn in this blog simply because Saturn is said to be the `Lord of karma` The great `Father` and has earned the reputation of `The great Malefic`  
Saturn is known  as the conventional conformist, the mature traditionalist..the great protector and of course Saturn the law maker,the limiter and the slave master...
Saturn is representative of our earth realities, all`man- made` patriarchal systems, our banking systems, our pharmaceutical systems our societal laws and security. Saturn rules authorities and governments. In short...Saturn is the `Sheriff `of the twelve astrological signs.

Saturn represents our own fathers or any major `care giver` in life..and in my view attributes to the childhood guilt imprinted upon us ..when we dare to break from parental law, family tradition and herd state thinking.... and guilt prolongs suffering, it suffocates individualism, limits personal growth and personal truth and our soul evolution.
With Pluto riding alongside him in the Cosmos, Saturn represents `The wolf in sheep's clothing`..all the while assuming the guise of `the security blanket`

 Let's take a moment here to reflect on the mythology of Saturn.......

Saturn the Roman God is known as  Cronus  in Greek mythology.... he is known for devouring his children to maintain his position of authority and control ... lets be VERY mindful of that... Saturn ATE his children....

 Throughout history Pharaohs, Emperors. Kings and Queens alike  have committed infanticide and silenced any dissident voice that threatened their power and position .. and right now we have another major player in this `cosmic chess game` Pluto...not a topic for this blog ...however.... briefly...Pluto {Scorpio) medical astrology is alchemical transmutation through osmosis of`another or `object` on a molecular level ... VIRUS!

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 (the last financial crash) and Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2024...
Pluto is also the sex death and rebirth planet...he represents our ancestral DNA. Plutocratic power, oil, and secret agendas...Pluto on a deeper spiritual level represents the deepest aspect of ourselves. Wherever Pluto is  In the birth chart this is where we have deep emotion,attachments and fears that are ready for transmutation and healing in this lifetime.

Saturn has been transiting in Aquarius from March 21 and will remain there until July 1st 2020. With This Aquarian transit  (astrologically speaking ..this viral crisis) Aquarian energy has temporarily loosened Saturn's grip and thrown governments into chaos.. if only for a moment in time .. capitalism has been laid dormant....allowing Gaia to take a deep breath and for us to briefly step out of the harness.
Jupiter the planet of truth and natural law (also in Capricorn) is now shining a light onto governmental and societal corruption..(again not the topic for this blog} but just turn on your TV and see how Saturn and his army of `suits` are struggling to maintain these systems, their markets and the  catastrophic failures of governments to protect its citizens from this virus.

Saturn will back track into Capricorn on July the 1st until December 17th  and finally in early January 2021.  he will begin to move into Aquarius for a good few years....

It is then that we have a real chance to change our own find true richness .... to transform (Aquarius) to think outside the box (Aquarius) to innovate (Aquarius) and to fully embrace the natural laws of Jupiter (king of the Gods)  to use more Solar power, more wind and wave power ....we have a myriad of natural resources and with mans ingenuity there is a chance for us to make these changes.
It is a time to revolutionise in a natural way but only if we can step out of conventional mindsets and  global organizations consider lives before markets... 

Saturn having been In Aquarius since March has allowed Gaia to take a deep breath. A cosmic pause.....The wheels of capitalism have been lain silent and see how quickly Gaia replenishes ...we have dolphins swimming in Venetian canals The Himalayas  sighted for the first time in three decades in Beijing!

And yet we already see government leaders opening to trade again...rather than support its people financially, and fully heal their sick ....and our planet.. in my view far too prematurely ..but hey! ....we cant upset the shareholders can we ?
Its imperative that we now stay alert  to any further hurriedly contrived political agendas!

Saturn will transit back into Capricorn July 1st and to be sure he will crack the whip again ... there are no `free handouts` we will be made to pay...and should the pandemic be stemmed by June/ July allowing a travel window , We we could still face the possibility of a further viral wave...stay awake people! 

I am available for private online video and audio consultations
via Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger and Skype check out my services page. use the contact form.

Email me at  s[email protected]

Please stay safe sensible ....and as the song goes...

`If you can't be with the one you love the one you're with`...even if it is the stray cat!

Peace and love to you all...

Maggie Sparke


Resistance is futile !

Posted on 4 January, 2016 at 7:52 Comments comments (641)
Resistance is futile!
In the sacred Hindu scriptures. Kali, the Goddess of change has both the power to create and preserve and the power to destroy...
How this Kali energy manifests for you personally will be an indication of how far you are willing to `readjust` your ideals to relinquish some of your old habits and beliefs...are you willing to find a middle road, to find a compromise; and to work in harmony with it?
Many of us remember Kali as the many armed deity in those thrilling Arabian nights tales...
a mean adversary
All of us,will feel this energy long into the next decade. So if you cant stand the heat...!
Its not easy to let go of what we think makes us secure...
That old chestnut...conformity = security = happiness... its a theoretical equation...and it doesn't add up.
To emotionally detach from a long term relationship or a career or the friendship we have had for twenty years is a really hard thing to do ..but by allowing the winds of change to enter our lives,To dispense the with the `needless' in our lives.. needless people and all the things ,we think will make us happy can offer us a freedom that cannot be quantified by a pair of Jimmy Choos!
On a collective level, we are beginning to wake up to the fact that there is no truth or security in any of it its just an illusion ..fueled by the global propaganda machine ..its a fairytale.
This Kali energy is all about extremes...climatic extremes will continue. As will the growth of misguided nationalism and the distortions of holy scriptures.

Whilst Mother Earth does her thing. All the while the corporates will continue do theirs... Even so, some will take a fall. Oil and gold markets have taken a hit recently.....The eurozone could be shaken again. I am speculating that Greece may finally opt out realizing that its just `not working` for them...The next five years will be crucial to the markets that's for sure.
Expect `extremism` to feature strongly..being pushed to the limit whether at work,your relationships ..with your partners friends and the banks..the end result far outweighs the cost of making those changes!
Have a great year!