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Maggi​e Spark​e: Criti​cally acclaimed Clairaudient

​'Scarily accurate​' H2b J​ournal

As a teen I was always a truth seeker. The constant inner dialogue ....

Questions...more questions...Why are we here? 

What was my purpose?

I had someone purchase my first Tarot deck for me at age eleven ...In the late 60's Tarot was deemed to be X rated for minors.

 As I grew I dipped  into many areas pertaining to `other` worldly subjects.

At just thirteen I stumbled across a delightful little book entitled 'The third eye' published the year i was born 1956 . An English author whose pen name was 'Lobsang Rampa' tales of  Buddihst monastery and  life in Tibet.

 I devoured his other books...'The Doctor from Lhasa' and 'Living forever' to name just a few.

I seemed to identify with the harshness of monastery life ..

Had I xperienced that bitterly cold Himalayan wind....

Had I somehow lived it! How could that possibly be?

My growing interest into Eastern philosophy and Spiritism. 

In later found the Theosophists. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey .

Baileys 'Consciousness of the atom' was a realisation for me.

Consequentially the theosophists then led me to Jeddu Krishnamurti.

The little book he penned as an acolyte age just fourteen

'At the feet of the master' this little book still lies on my bedside table...

If I'm ever stumbling...i read it again ….thirty minutes of blissful wisdom...

From the unreal lead me to the real....From darkness lead me to light...….. just so beautiful !

One of my most precious books 'Autobiography of a yogi' Paramahansa Yogananda has pride of place on my  bookshelf. 

I discovered that when we have exhausted all earthy desires there is only one remaining...the desire to return to the `cosmic womb` of Universal love.

Prior life unconscious memories can impact our present day reality constantly.

We toggle from conscious to unconscious in our mental processes... the journey can be a long and arduous one.

Whether conscious or unconscious: emotional insecurity stems from long buried unconscious fears. The effects of these deep unresolved issues can be destabilising mentally amd physically.

The soul may choose to rebirth into the exact familial and societal conditions to help itself and other members of that soul tribe evolve beyond prior life dynamics.

We often hear the term `soul mate` or 'karma mates'... each and every incarnation is karmic. All connections are valid yet some more than others such as family and marriage contracts..

We often incarnate with the same souls to move beyond the next evolutionary gate. Whether its a painful process or an agreeable one its irrelevant ..its all karmic..

For the most part; few of us are aware of such `evolutionary gates' until we have actually moved beyond them and we are able to reflect.

The emotional traumas.. the betrayals....the abandonments,

Death, divorce, separation.

What if that separation was to aid our evolutionary journey toward self - reliance self- sufficiency and maturity?

If you do have a problem and are struggling to gain some direction. All you'll require is a secure internet connection and secure email address.

I work via live video or audio for some southern hemispheres. Timelines can be a problem.

The fully recorded Mp3 is then mailed to your inbox.

I use Skype WhatsApp Messenger Instagram video link.

PLEASE NOTE: The 30 minute consultation is also live video, fully recorded.

 Clients find this helpful for prompt insight into a pressing situation.

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